Belt Drive Openers

Belt Drive Openers

Find out more about the components of the belt drive openers for garage doors and how these electric systems work to enable opening and closing.

Even though they tend to be more expensive than their chain drive counterparts, belt drive openers are usually the primary choice for garage doors when the garage is below a living area. This is because they are much quieter. The design of these systems, however, does not differ from those of the classic chain drive ones.Belt Drive Openers in Lake Park

The motor unit houses the motor, circuit board and the main drive gear

It is also connected to a receiver. It is set under the ceiling. For noise reduction, it can be installed with mounting brackets which absorb the vibration created during the opening and closing of the overhead door.

A metal rail extends from the motor unit of the belt drive opener and goes all the way to the wall above the garage door. Inside it, sits the drive belt, which is connected to a sprocket linked to the moving gear of the motor unit by a shaft. The belt can be made from polyurethane, fiberglass or rubber reinforced with steel. All of these materials are quite strong and durable. The main advantage which they have is that they prevent strong friction from happening when the belt moves inside the rail.

When the button on the garage opener remote is pushed, the receiver captures the signal and it is sent to the circuit board which starts the motor. The motor spins the moving gear and this motion is transferred to the sprocket. This is how the belt is moved into the desired direction. It is attached to a trolley, which is connected to the door via a moving arm. This is how when the belt moves, the door travels to get closed or opened. 

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