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Find great tips about ways to decorate and clean the garage door and how to keep them functional.

Avoid springs from snapping

Whilst garage door springs are the most important components in a door, they can be quite dangerous as well. Our technicians advise constant maintenance and lubrication to ensure that they last, and adjustment if required. They also need to be replaced if they've completed the specified cycles of use.

Noisy garage doors

Old garage door openers were powered by an AC power source but now new brand of openers operate using DC power source. This helps in them working more efficiently and quietly and the motor is much less noisier. Choosing a belt or screw driver type opener is also very helpful for quieter door operation.

Replacing garage door springs

Check for the spring that needs to be replaced and identify if it is torsion or an extension spring. Purchase the one with the right size suitable for your door. Check the coating of the spring if it is galvanized, oil-tempered, or powder-coated. Spring replacement should never be done on your own.

Use brake cleaner for the garage door tracks

This compound is extremely effective for providing complete cleaning without causing any kind of harm. It helps to prevent blockage as well. You simply need to spray the cleaner from the top down. The liquid will loosen the dirt and find its way to the bottom. Use soft lint-free cloth to remove any traces of the compound.

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